File Downloads

If you would prefer to download a copy of some information contained on the site you can do so here. There are also other documents which you may find useful. The documents on "F-Stop" and "Basics of photography for beginners" are especially designed for beginners to photography. The downloads are PDF files which require Adobe Reader to be installed on your device to read them. If you do not have Adobe Reader you can download a copy here: Get Adobe Reader
Membership Application Form The form is in PDF format, which you should download and open with Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader allows you to complete the form and then print it. You cannot save the details in the form with Adobe Reader. Bring the printed form along with your subscription to the first members' evening of the new season.
Syllabus and Membership Card The 2016-17 syllabus is now available for download.
Constitution The Club Constitution
Club Handbook (inc. Competition Rules) The Club Handbook
Website Guide for Members Guide on how to use the website for uploading digital images for competitions.
Website Guide for Committee and Administrators Guide on how to use the website for viewing and administering members and internal and external competition entries.
Preparing digital images for competitions The guide on preparing digital images for competitions
Guidance Notes for a Vote of Thanks A Vote of Thanks cheat sheet, including a template for notes, to enable volunteers prepare their vote of thanks.
Basics of photography for beginners - Light One of two guides on the basics of photography for beginners - this one on "Light"
Basics of photography for beginners - Composition One of two guides on the basics of photography for beginners - this one on "Composition"
F-Stop Presentation Andrew Cameron's F-Stop presentation, especially for beginners
Netiquette - Steps towards electronic communication and manners The club's guide to electronic communication and manners
Crofthead Handbook The Crofthead Handbook