Gallery Images

How to submit images for the Members’ Gallery

If possible, these should be images not entered into recent competitions as these are already viewable on the website and we want to avoid repetition. We want to demonstrate both to members and to a wider audience the wide range and quality of our members’ techniques and abilities so please do not be put off if you are a beginner and think that the gallery is only for more experienced photographers. That’s certainly not the case and we encourage beginners, especially new members, to participate.

In order to submit images to your Gallery you need to first add an image onto the website. So, login to the Members page and in the left hand menu select ‘My Images’ and then select the ‘Add Image’ blue button. A form opens up for you to complete. You’ll need to navigate to the image on your system and select this before you can upload it to the website. Check the dimensions and file size of the image before you do this as there are restrictions set out on the form. At this stage you can select the ‘Use in Member Gallery’ option or you can do this later. You can, if you wish, also use images submitted via this form for internal and external competitions. Select the Save button to save your image to the website. If you have more images to add then go back to the My Images screen and select the Add Image button. To mark an uploaded image for use in your web gallery, click on the image, click on the 'Edit' tab, select 'Use in Member Gallery', then save the form. 

After you have uploaded all your images you may, if you wish, rearrange the display order of them. To review your gallery or change the display order, click on the 'My Gallery' link and follow the instructions there. A thumbnail of the last image will be displayed alongside your name on the public Gallery webpage.

There are no limits on the number of images a member can have in a gallery but 20 is considered a suitable number.

Members’ galleries can be viewed by clicking on the Gallery button on the main menu bar of the club’s website. Only galleries of current members will be shown to the public.