Internal - Buddy competition

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Competition Date: 

Here is the format for entry into the Buddy competition.

We are expecting three images from each pairing:

1. An image from the Buddy

2. An image done in collaboration between the Buddy and the Participant

3. An Image from the Participant. 

Files should be submitted on the LCC website in the normal way but with the title formed by the letter of your pairing, image number and your title. In terms of ranking you should the three images as 1,2 and 3 as per the file numbering sequence below, for example:

A_1_Big Hill Rank 1

A_2_Another Big hill Rank 2

A_3_Best Big Hill Rank 3

It really doesn’t matter who submits them but I would suggest the first two images are submitted by the Buddy and the third by the Participant.

As there are 18 pairs therefore the maximum number of entries will be 54, so there should be amble time for good feedback from the judge. I am also suggesting that as there should be spare time on the night that 2 or 3 of the pairs might give feedback to the members on how they found the Buddy Scheme, open to volunteers!!

There will be a best Buddy, Collaborative and Participant image and in addition there will be best pairing, with the two members of best pairing receiving a small prize.

Billy Stuart