External - LCC vs Aspley CC, Australia

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This is our annual competition with Aspley Camera Club of Queensland, Australia.

The format of the competition is that each club submits 15 images for each of the following three categories: General, Landscape/Nature and People; 5 images each for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced - that's 45 images in total for each club. We send our images to Aspley and they send theirs to us. Each club then submits all 90 images to a Scottish judge and an Australian judge who will mark the images independently not knowing which club has submitted which image (although images of the Forth Bridge or Sydney Opera House are usually a dead giveaway!). Each club then presents their judge's scores on their respective club night. The combined scores of the two judges determine the winner of the competition.

Last year, Livingston won by 33 points, although previous years' competitions have produced a much closer result.