The beginnings of the club are lost in the mists of time. It is believed that the club was formed in the late 1970s and its first venue was at Deans Community High School. Originally the club was called the Deans Camera Club.

After some time membership began to drop and the club moved to its current location at Crofthead Farm Community Centre in the 1980s and became the Livingston Camera Club. Membership continued to dwindle until there were in the region of 10 members. However, gradually the tide began to turn and numbers steadily began to grow again under the very strong leadership of the late Jim Edmiston.

The club began to get involved in competitions and exhibitions with other clubs in the West Lothian area and to enter national competitions where there was a certain amount of success and Livingston Camera Club began to be noticed by some of the major clubs. At this time the club was purely film based and had a fully equipped darkroom which was available to all members.

The club has always been very keen to be able to teach all aspects of photography so over the years and as the digital age came about the club was fortunate enough to be successful in obtaining grants and now has facilities for digital image processing as well as having lots of studio equipment. The membership numbers have been increasing year on year as digital becomes ever more popular and it continues to encourage and educate.