Club Membership Levels

We are really pleased you are thinking about joining Livingston Camera Club. One of the questions on our application form aims to determine what level of photographer you are.

The club runs a league and holds four competitions a year that count towards the league, two digital and two prints, these are judged by external judges. This is to encourage members to improve their photography through constructive comments and feedback provided by experienced independent judges.

There are three levels, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. At the end of the season the members who are ranked 1, 2 or 3 in the league table from both the Beginner and the Intermediate grades are promoted to the next level.

If you are new to club photography this may well be something you are unsure about. Normally, new members join at Beginner (the majority) or Intermediate level. We have set out a few questions that will hopefully help you decide on your photography level.

  Beginner Intermediate Advanced
How comfortable are you using an interchangeable lens camera (e.g. mirrorless or DSLR) I’m new to this type of camera I’m comfortable using it I’m confident using it
How comfortable are you using anything other than fully automatic settings on your camera? I prefer automatic settings I’m comfortable using semi-auto settings I’m confident using fully manual settings and could help others develop their skills
How comfortable are you using image editing software to fine tune your images where needed? I’m not confident I’m comfortable using image editing software I’m confident using image editing software, and could help others develop their skills
Do you hold any awards from recognised photographic organisations (e.g. PAGB, RPS, FIAP, PSA) No Yes (please let us know which) Yes (please let us know which)
How good do you think your finished images are? They’re OK but I’m keen to improve They’re good but I’m keen to improve They’re usually very good but I am keen to develop my skills

When considering your response to the above, if you would like to join at a level other than Beginner, we recommend that you speak to a member of the committee to confirm your choice of entry level into the club.

To do this you can contact the President (using our contact form) who will be happy to help.

The aim is to ensure that you feel comfortable with the level you consider your photography is at and to make your first year with the club as productive and enjoyable as possible.