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Snow Trees by Kate Stevenson

Welcome to Livingston Camera Club

Based in Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland, the club offers a wide range of activities for photographers of all skill levels.

Although most members are now using digital cameras, all forms of photography are encouraged.

Before you explore the rest of our website, why not take a few moments to view some outstanding images, below, taken by some of our members?

Sitting Pretty by Clare Harte
Red Kite in the Snow by Clare Harte
A Portrait of ME by Ana Taylor
Follow the Art by Ana Taylor
The assassin by Peter Lawson
Far from home by Peter Lawson
Portrait in gold by Peter Lawson
The Grand Canal by Gordon Kennedy
The Grand Canyon by Gordon Kennedy
Lady in red by Iain Glen
Beinn Alligin by Ross Sutherland
Zoom Zoom by Ross Sutherland
cracked it by Margaret Cefferty
Old Phone box Reinvented by Sandy Calder
Citrus Splash by Sandy Calder
Moody bridges by Hendrik Nahler
Early Autumn in Princes Street Gardens by Maureen O'Neill
Large Red Damselfly by Bruce McDowall
Emerald damselfly (female) by Bruce McDowall
Azure damselflies mating by Bruce McDowall
St. Monans Girl by Bob Anderson
This Is My Town by Sandra Taylor
I want to ride my bicycle by James Wilson
Great Spotted Woodpecker by Martin Ross
Dunnock in the grass by Martin Ross
Living in the Moment by Bruce Harley
Happy Pilgrims at the Golden Temple, Amritsar, India by Bruce Harley
Monks visiting the Ruins of Angkor Thom, Cambodia by Bruce Harley
Redpoll by Ian Cook
Lisbon Street Car by Michael Langton
Squirrel by Michael Langton
Prague Dawn.` by Ian Cook
LIZARD2 by Gordon Cameron
Kenmore Fishing Hut by Graham Young
Chelsea by Iain Glen
Puffin wars by Clare Harte
The Buachaille by Craig Graham
Last of the Autumn sun by Craig Graham
Red Kite by Bob Anderson
Framework by Bob Anderson
Robin by Billy McCourt
Kingfisher in the rain by Billy McCourt
Love Nest by Susan Roberts
Blue Tit Study by Susan Roberts
Clock Tower Circus Lane by Sandy Calder
Nigg Bay by Rodger Shearer
Back to the future by Ross Sutherland
Tram dodging by Ross Sutherland
Watching by Margaret Cefferty
On the way to market by Bruce Harley
Goldcest by Ian Cook
Stoat. by Ian Cook
About to break off by Maureen O'Neill
Bannockburn House Kitchen by James Wilson
Oh no you don't by Peter Lawson
Welcome to my home by Peter Lawson
Dunstanburgh Castle by Billy Stuart
Sparrowhawk in the Rain by Billy Stuart
Murano Reflections by Gordon Kennedy
Three Bridges by Gordon Kennedy
Sun over the hills by Sandra Taylor
After the rain by Bruce McDowall
Azure damselfly feeding by Bruce McDowall
A Close Encounter by Russell Walker
Little Red by Alasdair Mackenzie
Through the Arch by Sandra Taylor
Calm by Barrie Mulligan
72nd Street by Barrie Mulligan
Snowy Stag by Aileen Louden
Haring Along by Aileen Louden
Kolkata Taxi Rank by Bruce Harley
The Relaxed Otter by Clare Harte
The lady with the skull tattoo by Iain Glen
Look at me by Margaret Cefferty
Bab Example by Bob Anderson
Mouth to mouth by Ian Cook
Open wide by Ross Sutherland
The Palace by Ross Sutherland
Trapped by Ian Burke
Brimstone Butterfly by Gordon Cameron
Wood Duck by Gordon Cameron
Stranded by Kate Stevenson
Emerald Damselfly (Female) by Billy McCourt
Long-tailed Tit by Billy McCourt
White Water by John McKay
White Tailed Eagle by Linda Tailford
Chilled Mists by Susan Roberts
Bullfinch Portrait by Martin Ross
Tree Hugger by Martin Ross
Staying Calm In The Storm by Martin Ross
A Tasty Morsel by Russell Walker
Intense eye contact with a dragonfly by Gaisma Kalna
Autumnal Reflections by Billy Stuart
Dunstanburgh Castle Sunrise by Billy Stuart
Buzz Off It's Mine by Billy Stuart
Azure damselflies mating by Bruce McDowall
Traditional view from the Vennel by Sandy Calder
Stormy Leith Reflections by Sandy Calder
What Big Eyes You Have by Maureen O'Neill
Happiness is - a frozen melon by Alasdair Mackenzie
Moody Leaderfoot Viaduct by Hendrik Nahler
Mill under Prebends Bridge, Durham by Hendrik Nahler
Caithness Icehouse by Lorne Kidd
Cluster of shells by Patrick Growdon
Dug and the gramophone by Peter Lawson
Tempting Distraction by Bruce Harley
Who's There by Barrie Mulligan
Piggyback Ride by Craig Graham
Juvenile Robin by Billy Stuart
End of the Line by Ian Burke
Heaven on Earth by Agnes Rekasi
Red Squirrel by Kate Stevenson
Dandelion's last days by Gaisma Kalna
On The Hop by Susan Roberts
Angry Livingston Sky by Graham Carlin
HOVERING HAWKER by Gordon Cameron
argaty red squirrel by Margaret Cefferty
Mobile phone by Gary Fyfe
Steampunk Arch by Gary Fyfe
Deja Vu by Russell Walker
Badger Emerging from Sett by Russell Walker
Daydreaming by Iain Glen
You've got my attention by Clare Harte
Let's go fly a kite by Clare Harte
Breakfast on the fly by Martin Ross
Shapes by Richard Illman
Keeping in touch by Bob Anderson
Festival Fireworks by Bob Anderson
Male emerald damselfly by Bruce McDowall
Puffin & Flowers by Clare Harte
Just Chilling by Gordon Kennedy
Did you say my name by Fiona McGinty
Focus by Barrie Mulligan
Eye of the tiger by Barrie Mulligan
Leith Reflections by Sandy Calder
Leith Reflections by Sandy Calder
Food Fight by Aileen Louden
Path to Enlightenment. by Bruce Harley
Siskin Vs Blue Tit by Ian Cook
We're a couple of swells by James Wilson
Stop the Press by Sandra Taylor
The School Run from the Floating Village by Bruce Harley
Preston Mill reflective by James Wilson
The Approach by Ruta Nicol
Rickshaw for Hire by Bruce Harley
Calcutta Cobbler by Bruce Harley


Membership now open

The club is now open for membership for the 2020/21 season.  It is open to existing members only until 24 August after which it will be open to anyone.

The application form is in the Information section of the club website. Once you fill in your form you will be sent details about paying.

Just a reminder that we will be operating as a Zoom only club until the end of 2020 at least.



2020-21 Season - Meet & Greet opening evening

Unfortunately, due to the present situation we will not be able to hold our usual Meet & Greet opening evening. Check back for further updates on our first sessions of the new season

Looking Ahead ...

Mon, 07/09/2020

Jane Lazenby - Equine & Fine Art Photography

Based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, Jane has been a keen photographer since her teenage years, her early goals as a photographer were to create clean, sharp images to use as references for her career as a Fine Artist. In her own words “How far have I moved away from this starting point!”.

Over the last 10 years the images she takes are being seen as 'art' in their own right; the capture of light, the narrative, the staging, makeup and styling, compositions and now, editing effects and Photoshop image manipulation creating final pieces that have a more magical quality. In this way she feels she is combining her skill as a traditional painter with her passion of photography and using Photoshop to blend the two together creating an original vision. She loves to take an idea from conception, put her twist on the styling and editing and then present her unique vision as wall art, album collections or simply memories to treasure.

Here are links to Jane’s 3 websites where you can learn about the various aspects of her career and achievements and at the same time some view stunning images: https://www.ejlazenbyphotography.co.uk/ , http://www.animalfineart.co.uk/ and https://ejlazenby.com/ .

Mon, 14/09/2020

Event to be confirmed

Mon, 21/09/2020

Paul Sanders - "Pictures on a page" & "Still Life"

Paul is a fine art photographer, a Fuji ambassador, a speaker and a photography mentor. He’s passionate about the benefits of photography to mental health and wellness. He’s been a professional photographer since 1984 starting as a fashion and advertising photographer before moving into newspapers and ending up as Picture Editor for The Times. Following a period of depression due to the stresses of work he decided to leave The Times in 2011 to pursue a career as a freelance landscape photographer.

Paul is absolutely passionate about the power that photography has to help people overcome anxiety, and to positively adjust their outlook on life. His website – entitled “Still”  https://www.discoverstill.com/ – brings together his love for landscape photography and his personal experience of using photography for wellbeing, offering visitors a new way to use photography to express themselves and explore the world. 

Mon, 28/09/2020

Members' Night 1 - Induction for New Members

Mon, 05/10/2020

Event to be confirmed
Hand-in Internal Competition 1 - Digital 1

This is the hand-in date for the first internal competition of the season. It's a digital image only competition. Images should be submitted to the club's website by midnight on the 5th but can be submitted at any time up to 8 weeks before that.To submit images for the competition login to the Members page on the website and click on "My Images" in the left hand menu. Follow the instructions on the "My Images" page to submit an image for the competition. Full details of the rules for submitting images for internal competitions can be found on the Information page of the website.