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Carlingnose Pier at dawn by Hendrik Nahler

Welcome to Livingston Camera Club

Based in Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland, the club offers a wide range of activities for photographers of all skill levels.

Although most members are now using digital cameras, all forms of photography are encouraged.

Before you explore the rest of our website, why not take a few moments to view some outstanding images, below, taken by some of our members?

Taps aff! by Ross Sutherland
Geometry by Ross Sutherland
Rainy Days by Clare Harte
Puffin Stretch by Clare Harte
Let Me Out by James Wilson
Bee by John McKay
I'm Cold by Gordon Kennedy
Bath Time Bella by Gordon Kennedy
Office Windows, Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh by Kathleen Brogan
Fighting Couts by Margaret Cefferty
Nectar Time by Sandra Taylor
Wee Wet Bird by Andy Nelson
Southerness Lighthouse Sun Set by Andy Nelson
Relaxation by Michael Langton
Bursting Brilliance by Michael Langton
Getting the cross in by James Wilson
Happy chap by Jason Prince
Chaffinch - Spread your wings by John Love
Autumn Bridge by Ruta Nicol
Siskin by Russell Walker
The Bug Collector by Russell Walker
Close Race by Gordon Kennedy
Performer by Gordon Kennedy
Grebe tango by Geoff Donnelly
Long tail profile by Geoff Donnelly
Painted Lady by John McKay
Restless Natives by Andy Nelson
The Birks of Aberfeldy by Andy Nelson
Old Stone Bridge in Corehouse Woods by Andy Nelson
Large Red Damselfly Feeding by Bruce McDowall
Hunter and Prey on Flag Iris by Bruce McDowall
Bad habits by Peter Lawson
3 to 1 Against by John Love
Sunrise over Seacliff by James Wilson
THE LIBRARY by Elaine Forrest
Bath time by Peter Lawson
The Seamstress by Peter Lawson
Highland Laddie by Aileen Louden
The sound of the sea by Aileen Louden
The Recliner by Gordon Kennedy
Prophecy by Gary Fyfe
Winter Tides by Gary Fyfe
Southerness Lighthouse by Andy Nelson
Its seen better days by Iain Glen
Rosie relaxing by Iain Glen
St Monans Breakwater by James Wilson
Preston Mill by James Wilson
pink2 by John McKay
Someone I used to Know by Bruce Harley
Magenta by Hendrik Nahler
Autumn colour by Ross Sutherland
How much for a short back and sides Mister? by Ross Sutherland
That Look by Gordon Kennedy
Where Fairies Bathe by Andy Nelson
Two Trees by Andy Nelson
Common Whitethroat by Clare Harte
Asleep on the Job by Russell Walker
Cornflower blue by Ana Taylor
Willow Warbler by Ian Cook
Immature male black darter by Bruce McDowall
The Exodus by Gary Fyfe
Atlas by Geoff Donnelly
whitewater10 by John McKay
The Causeway Marker by Bruce Harley
Wha Daur Meddle Wi' Me by Alasdair MacKenzie
Kirk Street, Culross by Alasdair MacKenzie
Nuthatch by Martin Ross
Grass Market Preacher by Andy Nelson
Beach Wear by Gary Fyfe
Culture Wars by Gary Fyfe
Is anyone there by Margaret Cefferty
Almond Pool East by Hendrik Nahler
A winter robin by Billy McCourt
Bringing the catch home by Billy McCourt
Chambers Ghost by Ana Taylor
Ross Fountain by Ana Taylor
Intertwined by Sandra Taylor
Outnumbered by Sandra Taylor
Couter Burn in Autumn by Andy Nelson
Happy Family by Alasdair MacKenzie
Bridge of Sighs by Alasdair MacKenzie
Azure on Green by Alasdair MacKenzie
Common wasp by John McKay
Bird on a fence by John McKay
Leap of faith by Geoff Donnelly
Mature Four-spotted Chaser by Bruce McDowall
Azure Damselfly on Yellow Flag Iris by Bruce McDowall
3 Bridges by Gordon Kennedy
Badger Family Portrait by Russell Walker
Soaring Above the Glen by Russell Walker
Hawk T2 training plane by James Wilson
Jade Manson by James Wilson
Crossing the Glenfinnan Viaduct by Bruce Harley
The Ghost of Christmas Post by Bruce Harley
Light from a Doorway by Bruce Harley
Dark water by Peter Lawson
Regatta into the sunset by Hendrik Nahler
Conjuring Dreams by Gary Fyfe
Coulrophobia by Gary Fyfe
Gannet garland by Billy McCourt
Gone fishin' by Alasdair MacKenzie
SUNFLOWERS by Ana Taylor
Sagarika by Gordon Kennedy
Lift off by John McKay
Industrious Bee by John McKay
A Member of the Choir by Bruce Harley
Hello by Bill Shrive
Welcome to the Machine by Ian Cook
Sushi Bar by Ian Cook
Blue tit by Richard Divine
Nuthatch by Richard Divine
Morticia by Peter Lawson
This is my territory by Sandra Taylor
Bounding Along by Russell Walker
Troup Head Gannet in Flight by Russell Walker
Moths mating at cocoon by Bruce McDowall
I'm having that by James Wilson
Autumnal Hannah by James Wilson
Puffin with lunch by James Wilson
Berneray Stroll by John Love
Autumn portrait by Peter Lawson
I'm coming for you by Peter Lawson


The July Photographer of the month.

July photographer of the month is John Love, with 12 likes for his image, ‘A clump of trees in a wheat field on a stormy day’. Well done John, your image will be the darkroom cover photo for the following month. Runners up were Hendrik Nahler with 11 likes and Shirley McCulloch with 9 likes.  

June Facebook competition result.

June photographer of the month is…..Bruce Harley, with 12 likes for his image‘Strathendrick, Stirling’Well done Bruce, your image will be the darkroom cover photo for the following month and will also be posted on the club website.Runners up were Lee Paterson with 11 likes and Elaine Forrest, Jason Prince & Sandra Taylor with 8 likes each. 

May Facebook competition result

May photographer of the month is Geoff Donnelly, with 11 likes for his image ‘Into the limelight’ Well done Geoff!

Runners up were Peter Lawson with 10 likes and Gary Fyfe & James Wilson with 8 likes each.

Many thanks to all involved.

Summer syllabus

As the main club season has drawn to a close, the summer syllabus of scheduled Monday night meet ups is now underway. Members should see the "LCC Summer Syllabus" Facebook group for details.

Membership open to new members

Livingston Camera Club is open to new members!

Our next club season will begin on the 5th of September. We will return to Crofthead although we hope to have a Zoom option for members who can't attend in person. 

If you would like to join please read our joining information

Looking Ahead ...

Mon, 05/09/2022

Opening Night

An opportunity to meet up with old friends and new members. Images from last season will be displayed. All Members please note, this will be in the Crofthead centre and will not be available on ZOOM!

Mon, 12/09/2022

Andy Phillips - "Still Life" (Zoom)

Note: This will be a Zoom meeting

THE INNER LANDSCAPE - something really different and entertaining. It's Andy's take on the genre of "still life". You are shown an array of fabulous images, crafted, using only carefully controlled natural light. The objective of this lecture is to teach every photographer how its done, and that it is achievable by one and all. There are demonstrations throughout depicting each work through.
Andy Phillips lives and is work based in Chorley in Lancashire. A professional photographer in landscapes, weddings, smallscapes and commercial photography, he also teaches Photoshop for The Epson Print Academy. He has been a landscape photographer for over 20 years and has a love for ‘Up North’ such as Lancashire, the Lake District, Yorkshire, and all over the Highlands and Lowlands of Scotland. He is an experienced lecturer / presenter and has presented his zoom talks on over a hundred occasions. As well as running his own photography business, Andy Phillips Photography, where he teaches landscaping, close up work and post processing, he works at Aspect2i, adding his post-processing and printing skills to the company.

Mon, 19/09/2022

Members Night - "Different Genres and Techniques"

Some brief talks and displays by members.

Mon, 26/09/2022

Hamish Williamson - "Otzi the Iceman"

Hamish took early retirement from the financial industry approximately 30 years ago and became a full time photographer concentrating on commercial and wedding photography. He also worked on a freelance basis for a subsidiary of Kodak. Hamish joined Paisley Colour Photographic Club in 1989 and has been President twice and was their treasurer for many years.  He was an executive of the Paisley International Colour Slide Exhibition from 1990 and treasurer until its demise.

Hamish's talk is based on two holidays he and his wife had in the Sud Tyrol and where they stayed, which coincidentally was very near where the 5300 year old body of Otzi the Iceman was found.

Mon, 03/10/2022

Members Night - Display of Prints

Volunteers to speak about 10/12 of their favourite prints

Hand-in Internal Competition 1 - Digital

This is the first competition of the season comprising only digital images. The results from his competition count towards the Annual League Table.

The RULES for submitting entries for digital images are available on the Information page of the website.

If you want to submit images to this competition go to the Members page of the website, login with your username and password and then select the My Images menu option. If you have previously submitted images onto the website, you can browse through them here and select up to a maximum of four for this competition. If you have yet to submit images to the website select the blue Add Image button and follow the instructions; then select up to a maximum of four for this competition.

Digital images or prints submitted to a previous club competition MUST NOT be resubmitted for this competition.

Members are encouraged to submit at least one monochrome image to this competition.